The hard drive I should backup is....
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Building Rubble

You have Amazing, Important, Irreplaceble Stuff

You Know You Can't Afford to Lose It

You need it stored Securely Offsite


VideComp, Inc. Provides a full backup service starting at just -



You know you should have a better backup system, but the cost and effort required to do it, has discouraged you.

VCIbackup is different from other backup software, hardware, and services. It's not complicated. VCIbackup has been developed to take the burden of regular backups off you. It provides everything you need, for secure off-site storage.

We provide you with HUGE Backup and Storage Capacity at a low cost.

Plans Start at just $20 per month.

Our most popular package provides a Nightly Backup with the last 60 days maintained in our Secure Off-Site Storage Site for just $20.  


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