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VideComp, Inc. Backup Services (VCIbackup Services) has certain published and proprietary polices.

We want our customers to be completely satisfied with our product.   If they are not satisfied we will try to correct the situation.  If the customer is still not satisfed, we will refund cost of the unused portion of the service.  If a customer feels he is entitled to a refund for services already rendered, we certainly will consider his request carefully.  We try to error on the side of the customer without encouraging fraud by a small minority.

VCIbackup Services is growing but we not always able to keep up with the demand, therefore our services may be offered first to select customers.  We select our customers based on a number of published and proprietary criteria.  We do not use race, gender, religion or other personal traits for selection.  Referals from existing customers and respected professionals are given a certain amount of priority over others on the waiting list.  Putting a potential client on a waiting list in no way obligates VCI to provide the service, even if the client has prepaid for the service.  Published wait times are estimates only and may be changed at anytime.

We reserve the right to not to offer a service or withdraw service at anytime.  If we fail to provide or terminate the service, we will refund prepayments of any unused  services when all media and related materials are returned.

Client Data stored on VCI systems belong to the Client, and VCI will make a good faith effort to insure the security of the data.  VCI reserves the right to release the data to law enforcement or other officials who appear in good faith to have the legal authority to examine the data. 

 We strongly reccomend that clients encrypt their sensitive data.  VCI is not responsible for the theft or loss of data in any event, but we will take reasonable percautions to secure the data while it is our care.

VCI policy is to delete any customer data within 60 days of the customer terminating the service, however VCI may delete the data in as little as 15 days.  For a customer to retrieve data after he has terminated the service, he must either reinstate the service for 30 days or pay reasonable recovery fees. 

Backup media that is not returned in good condition  within the time specified by the service is subject to a $150 charge. 

VCIbackup Services provides a variety of  best in class hardware and software from various vendors to its customers. While we hope that the wares will perform as advertised, our responsiblity is limited to making a good faith effort to make it work.  There may be many extended features beyond those used by the VCIbackup Service.  Use of those features is totally at the customers own risk.


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